What you need to know about the 8th house, known as the house of death

house of death: Each successive house in the astrological chart represents stages in one’s maturation. The 8th house is also associated with the …

house of death: Each successive house in the astrological chart represents stages in one’s maturation. The 8th house is also associated with the stage of death. In Antiquity, the 8th house is where the sun begins to set. Since the sun loses its effect at this stage, it is likened to the uselessness of the human before death; For this reason, the 8th house was accepted as the gateway to the underworld and was associated with death and hell. The name of the planet Pluto, which is accepted as the ruler of Scorpio, is the old name of Hades, the ruler of the underworld (hell) in classical mythology.

occult subjects

Of course, the symbolism of the door leading to the underground brings with it mystery. There are magic, psychic abilities, metaphysical and unconscious issues among the subjects of the 8th house and Scorpio, since the person at the door to death is associated with the unknown. We can follow a person’s interest and abilities in these matters from their 8th house or their planet in Scorpio.

rebirth and transformation

Another subject of a house associated with death is, of course, rebirth. The theme of death here is not just physical death, but the death of all that is born. Everything that begins ends and everything that ends leaves its place to a new one, that is, it is born again. The 8th house processes bring death to be reborn. Dying in the 8th house is reborn in the 9th house. This time it is wiser and more refined. In short, the 8th house is the house of transformation. From the 8th house and the position of Pluto, we can trace the issues that will transform us in life and that we will encounter the most death and change.

inheritance and debt

The 8th house, which is on the opposite side of the 2nd house, which is related to our personal resources, is related to the resources of others. Among the resources of others, we can mention titles such as inheritance, spouse’s money, bank loans, insurance, taxes. We can follow how lucky or unlucky you are in these matters, how much risk you will take, how much you will sink and emerge from the 8th house and Pluto’s position.


When Scorpio is mentioned, sex is always mentioned. There are several reasons why Scorpio, the 8th house ruler, is associated with sex. The first is that the 8th house is related to the resources of others. The bodies, desires, and love of others are also the material and spiritual resources of others. These resources are shared during sex. While moving from the 7th house, which is the house of relationships, to the 8th house, the partnership that starts in the 7th house evolves into sex and the sharing of material and spiritual resources in the 8th house. Another reason why the 8th house is associated with sex is that orgasm is “little death”. During orgasm, we surrender to the primal energies and experience a transformation with the released energy, that is, we are born again.


We now know that the 8th house is the gateway to the underground. Our soul is also our underground. It is secret and mysterious as hell. We can see the deepest secrets of the person, the feeling of revenge, sexual fantasies, fears and obsessions in the 8th house. People with a strong 8th house accent often experience fears and obsessions about things that are bad, scary, or taboo.


Underground symbolism of course brings to mind the deep state and the mafia. These organizations are 8th house subjects as they are associated with death and murders as well as their mysteriousness. Among the main reasons for the murder, we can count the issues of love, passion, envy and money. These can also be viewed from the 8th house.

healing power

All the features of the 8th house we mentioned above are actually related to healing. A house that manages change and transformation is of course also about healing and growth. Healing and growth happen through spiritual and physical death, that is, through change. For this reason, the healing power of Pluto, which is considered among the malefic planets, is undeniable. People with intense 8th house contact may be interested in alternative treatment methods or heal by various methods.

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