Those with Lovers Attention! Behaviors You Should Never Do in a Relationship

TikTok user Jeff Guenther, a relationship expert, has reached millions of people with the important advice he gave to people who started a new …

TikTok user Jeff Guenther, a relationship expert, has reached millions of people with the important advice he gave to people who started a new relationship in the past few days. If you want to have healthy and long-lasting relationships, for the behaviors you should avoid doing, no matter how much you are in love. 

The therapist named Jeff Guenther, who shares his vast knowledge about relationships on TikTok, has been on the agenda recently by sharing the moves that people should not do when they are in love.

According to Jeff, the simple but important moves to avoid when you have a girlfriend are as follows;

When you think you have finally met the person of your dreams and realize that you are in love, a curtain is drawn before your eyes. First of all, you should be careful not to deceive yourself.

Yes, you think you’re in love, but no matter how silly it sounds, you can’t fall in love that fast. Because to understand that you are in love with a person, it is not enough to just love, you must first see every behavior that annoys you about them.

If you don’t lose your feelings despite seeing how stupid that person can be and how annoying you can be, then you can truly fall in love.

For this, Jeff’s humble suggestion is not to focus on annoying situations or try to change them. If your partner can’t stop their irritating behavior, you may need to accept it.

If you don’t want to give up on your relationship, you can try to find the behaviors that are part of your lover’s personality cute. Of course, there is always the option to leave for those who say ‘I cannot accept’…At the beginning of the relationship, you focus on the good qualities of that person, you only take good chances. So you look at that person with rose-colored glasses.

Which brings us to the second suggestion: Don’t act too fast. You may have lost yourself with the feeling of falling in love, you may think that everything will be rosy, but brake yourself.

It’s normal to want to spend all your time with the new person in your life, but don’t meet every day, but meet two or three times a week. Don’t spend all day texting him.

If you slow down a bit, you can enjoy your time apart. You will live your curiosity and expectations even longer. If you feel uneasy when you are apart, try to turn this feeling into excitement on the contrary.

Just a few minor changes you need to make. If you leave yourself completely to a relationship, it will not be beneficial for you in the long run, you cannot think rationally.

Relationships that start fast and hot usually hit the wall after a while.

Finally, there is another situation that we encounter very often: Do not make big decisions. There are many people who decide to change city, leave their job or school because you think you have found the right person.

Do not make these decisions without knowing your lover for at least a year! If your lover expects this from you, pack up and walk away immediately.

Let’s leave it here for those who want to watch Jeff’s video ?

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