Suggestions for using social media consciously

As with everything we include in our daily lives, we should be careful and balanced in the use of social media. When some practices that we think …

As with everything we include in our daily lives, we should be careful and balanced in the use of social media. When some practices that we think make our life easier or entertaining actually affect our personal development and happiness negatively, the quality of life may decrease. Social media applications have positive aspects such as access to information, discovering different visions, self-expression and socialization. Undesirable situations can occur when a balance cannot be achieved in these positive aspects, when usage habits turn into addiction or when there are situations that risk security and privacy. Personal Development Lessons Trainer, Author Sevgi Keleş drew attention to these three issues regarding the use of social media.

Pay attention to the time spent on social media

If you feel the need to browse social media every 5 minutes during the day or if a day is planned just to post on social media, this is a sign of danger for the person’s daily life routine. In such cases, people may realize that at the end of the day, the main work that needs to be done has not been done. Spending more time than necessary in social media applications restricts people’s socialization with their families and their real circles, and reduces the necessary dialogues. Author Sevgi Keleş suggests that every activity in daily life and the time allocated to them should be determined with conscious awareness in order to increase awareness on this issue and to make good use of time.

Beware of the race to share fake happiness

Most social media users tend to show that they have a better, more comfortable life than they normally would. Being unconscious in these applications, where possessions are exhibited and an unreal ideal picture is drawn, can cause users to both believe in this falsehood and feel inadequate. Author Sevgi Keleş warns people not to enter into this unrealistic competition, saying that constantly watching someone else lead a better life than you can make you feel inadequate in your inner world. In terms of personal development, individuals should find satisfaction in their own inner world, design their own ideal life not according to someone else’s ideals, be aware of their potential and use their time to reveal it. Emphasizing that most of the users who try to show that they have the best and the happiest me, actually start a race by making fictional posts, Author Sevgi Keleş emphasizes that this situation is harmful for both the sharing party and the viewer.

Social media should be selective.

Of course, social media also has positive aspects. Today, many experts can be consulted through social media, exemplary lives can be followed, meetings can be held, live lessons can be listened to, real shopping can be made where you can get your needs, and even the agenda can be followed. With a click of a button, news can be received from the other side of the world. These aspects of the applications add color and improve life in terms of making life easier, reaching concise information, and sometimes entertaining. When users reach reliable and quality information by acting selectively, they will be fed and developed. Author Sevgi Keleş emphasizes that the important thing here is to use social media to serve users. If people serve social media by devoting time and effort, and if the control of it is out of hand, self-control is required there. Shared content should be carefully selected in a way that does not pose a threat to security and reflects real emotions.

Being measured and balanced while keeping up with the age of technology; Connecting with your loved ones or people with whom you have common ground and following current issues will contribute to personal development. As in everything else, moderation can only be possible with conscious choices.

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