Interior Design Trends 2022

The living room is the place where family life unfolds and friends and relatives come to visit. Of all the rooms in a house with Interior Design Trends 2022 is the place where we have to make our best move and show our own personal style. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the end result, so we’ve put together a collection of aesthetic living room designs that are bursting with unique ideas. In this inspiring gallery, you’ll find creative and colorful spaces that convey fun and celebration, peaceful, airy minimalist living Interior Design Trends 2022 spacious luxury living rooms with double-height ceilings, bold mid-century modern mixes, and more.

Celebrate high ceilings. Sublime living room should be filled with an impressive light show like this stunning, oversized Sputnik chandelier.

Abstract and colorful. Striking artwork and eye-catching woven rugs create waves of color, while white walls and brown leather chairs provide a calming, neutral counterpoint.

Art exhibitions and color games. A narrow ledge becomes a device for displaying art in this room. Accent furniture pieces are color inspired by the artwork, while a striped living room rug complements the linearity of the thin shelf.

Open layout. The four-sided lounge seating feels comfortable and is ideal for conversation, but the open aesthetic gives the look for traveling on the flat bench. It will make the seating area look much more inviting than a fully enclosed layout.

White and bright. Blessed with large windows and a sunny outlook, white walls and ceilings add to the ethereal atmosphere. In this example, a white Orb pendant light quietly blends into the clean scheme, and a woven rug adds a white accent to the darker floor.

Activate the room. The magnificent corner window in this room captivates with its corner sofa arrangement.

Everyone salutes the hero. Neutral decor doesn’t have to be plain or boring. Choosing just one hero piece can transform an unassuming space from “meh” to gorgeous. This charming little piece is the Fidget chair by Frank Gehry.

Make it natural. A warm wood tone, a large natural woven rug and soft white walls create a serene environment. Add a mature houseplant for a fresh spray of lush greenery.

Create balance. This time, houseplants are used to balance the two different sized arches. A lush bush extends the effect of a small arched window to balance it with the larger doorway arch.

By Tiptoe Texture. A calm, neutral living room benefits from texture changes, such as wood-paneled wall sections, a headliner, or a textured rug.

Wrap Around. Wrap a curved sofa around a round coffee table to create a flowing layout without sharp corners. A round living room chair adds extra curvy flair.

Cozy courtyards. This luxurious living room features a linear modern fireplace placed in the courtyard. Natural light streams from a skylight onto a raised fireplace and a graceful green bush.

Golden brown and black. This deep color combination is a rich upgrade over a neutral idea. Light walls and floors prevent the palette from looking dull or unkempt.

Light up your life with a stunning chandelier. This modern chandelier is the perfect foreground for a black wall with backlit shelves. See more seductive interiors with extravagant chandeliers.

A gel of jewel tones gives rich results. Use colorblocking and plush fabrics to achieve a glamorous design.

The white neoclassical decor with blood red accents doubles the drama.

Beautiful garden rooms. If you have a well-kept garden, open it for all to see. Versatile installation from floor to ceiling. Living room window for a completely immersed experience.

Wood-grain and wild. Smooth wood grain panels fill a modern living room with warmth, while mature houseplants give it a wild atmosphere.

Dual Purpose Decor. This dual-purpose bookcase serves as a warm, light brown decor accent and visual divider between the lounge and adjacent dining area.

Wickerwork and natural wooden elements characterize an earthy-rustic living room.

Capture a strong color layer with horizontal color blocking.

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