Bedroom Trends 2022:Styles, Decor and Color

This collection of highly aesthetic bedroom trends and models will fill you with inspiration for your next dreamy decor plan. From cool white minimalist spaces and clean abstract bedroom interiors to earthy botanical bedroom designs and rustic hideaways, there’s something for everyone. We’ll explore tons of new headboard wall ideas, beautiful headboards and accompanying bedroom furniture, as well as bedroom lighting inspiration and creative layouts for unusual floor plans. Bedroom trends 2022 is important in many ways, whether it’s a relaxing place to unwind or a personal space to show off your true style, this is a space where you have to push the boundaries and be bold.

This nomadic bedroom design with a charming texture warms up with rich earthy tones. The low relief artwork protrudes from the red clay headboard feature wall to create a unique piece of art above the bed.

Bedroom Trends 2022

Big and beautiful, oversized bedroom pendant lights make an eye-catching statement in a cozy bohemian bedroom. A large macrame wall decoration makes an ideal occasional decoration.

A bedroom lounge area creates a functional and luxurious addition. These two bedroom chairs are bedroom chairs Easy chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret. You can see more pictures of this magnificent Turkish villa here.

Natural Bedroom Trends 2022

Japanese vibes radiate from a ground bed design and accompanying indoor plants. A solid rock-surface wall and a zen courtyard intensify the look.

Home Bedroom Trends 2022

Another striking rock surface feature is the wall contrast with this smooth bedroom decor scheme, where wood-effect panels occupy the rest of the modern space and matching beige flooring envelops the floor bed.

2022 Bedroom Natural Design Trends

Botanical beauty abounds here, with indoor plants and expansive garden views. Natural materials provide the space for Mother Nature to complete her own palette.

2022 Bedroom Design Trends

A blend of Mother Nature and modernism. This plant-kissed bedroom design features a floor-to-ceiling headboard with modern three-dimensional abstract flooring and climbing ivy.

Cold concrete and warm wood tone. The concrete coffered ceiling forms a heavy crown for the decor scheme with light oak and white walls. A built-in seat provides a range of cushioned comforts next to the bed.

Neoclassical, pale and serene. Modern pendant lamps reflect classical window arches in this elegant neoclassical bedroom design that draws the eye to the deep decorative crown sill.

Carving curves. Proper processing eliminates sharp edges and jarring outlines, softening a dreamy thin border. The perfect accompaniment for arched windows and modern arched furniture.

Light and concise. Microcement ceilings melt into the coordinated walls that overflow into the floor and match the bed edges there, creating a seamless, peaceful fusion.

Overlapping wooden planes create a bespoke headboard with modern rustic feel. Elongated mini pendant lamps drip metallic accents onto contoured bedside tables.

Wooden walls and warm lighting. This all-wood-clad bedroom design is lit by an eye-catching modern chandelier at its center, mini wall sconces and nightstand lamps provide task lighting, and backlit bookshelves brightly illuminate a bedroom workspace.

Round decor shapes a pleasing aesthetic, from round bed frames and racetrack-shaped mirrors to curved dressing tables and desks.

Mid-century modern lines create a casual look with a dash of flair. Muted colors distract from the abundance of pale neutrals while maintaining a sense of calm.

Olive green and terracotta tones combine with an abstract feature wall in this opulent bedroom. Classic panel molding creates a smart surround.

Three-dimensional tiles create an extruded effect throughout this feature wall. LED strips highlight wall texture and depth from the roofline. The upholstered headboard is elongated to fill the width of the room for a snug, streamlined effect.

Grey, gold and modestly eye-catching. This elegant, modern bedroom design is textured with a trendy corrugated wall covering, while shimmering gold pendant lamps hang like jewels on both sides.

Meditate under the mandala. This low relief mandala wall creates a zen spot for tranquility and reflection in the comfort of a pillow-soft upholstered bed frame.

Gorgeous greys. Charcoal and tin tones create areas of light and shadow in this moody bedroom decor scheme. A modern linear pendant lights up the darker part of the room, where it highlights a double-tiered side table.

Creative contours. These unique wood wall panels feature a cracked, contoured surface effect. Cozy throws add waves to the bed and the end of the bed bench.

Add a colorful twist to neoclassical elegance with modern color blocking. The clash of decor styles results in a cool juxtaposition that works effectively behind a stark neutral headboard.

Blush pink and full pattern. Rose gold accessories complement the blush pink elements in this uniquely detailed bedroom with a plump, patterned feature wall.

Concentric circles and creative lighting. The low relief panels look like snapshots of puddles of raindrop splatter behind unique double-ended lighting fixtures.

The wonders of wood are limitless. This spacious bedroom design is designed with a custom cut headboard that moves along the length of the room and transforms into a desk design in front of the window. A bespoke wood bookcase flanks wood slatted cabinet doors, and handcrafted woodwork provides art above the bed.

Faux brick panels and concrete create an industrial bedroom. Eye-catching gold luminaires and a sophisticated armchair elevate the look.

Is there anything more dreamy than staring at the stars?

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