5 ways to develop adult creativity afterward

“A Lifetime Creativity-Creative Life Guide”, written by Learning Designer-Trainer Ömür Doğan on creativity and creative thinking, contains …

“A Lifetime Creativity-Creative Life Guide”, written by Learning Designer-Trainer Ömür Doğan on creativity and creative thinking, contains practical and useful information on how to develop creativity; It appeals to a wide audience, from university students who want to add creativity to their lives, to interns in business, from senior executives to parents who care about their child’s future.

According to Ömür Doğan, the first five of the 10 core competencies predicted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to be needed most in business life in 2025 are directly related to creativity and learning to learn. In other words, if we develop our creativity and learn to learn, we will be more ready for the business world of the future.

If we take a look at the 5 most basic competencies of the future:

1. Thinking Analytical and Being Innovative

Analytical thinking skill, which helps the employee to establish a cause-effect relationship between questioning and events, provides the advantage of taking calmer decisions and thinking about events from different perspectives in a negative situation and crisis. Creativity plays a key role in producing permanent solutions in business life with an objective point of view and catching innovative and innovative approaches.

2. Active Learning and Instructional Technologies

Today, taking advantage of the innovations brought by technology in the most effective way and planning learning strategies accordingly is an important factor that feeds the active learning process. It should not be forgotten that teaching techniques that meet the requirements of technology as well as traditional education methods and the learning process of someone who actively relates to it will be much more permanent. Moreover, creativity and learning work in similar ways. In other words, creativity and learning feed and develop each other.

3. Complex Problem Solving

A perspective that is sufficient to meet today’s needs may not be enough in a few years’ time. Gaining the competence to respond to all needs to a large extent is possible with complex problem solving skills. It is not enough to solve today’s complex problems, it is also very important to be able to solve them creatively and to make a difference in business life.

4. Critical Thinking and Analysis

Whether it’s business life or daily life, a critical thinking process and the ability to analyze from every angle are one of the most essential skills to achieve your goals and get productive results. It should not be forgotten that your broad perspective in solving problems will add value to your business life. Inquiry is the starting point for learning and creativity. Critical thinking process and creativity are two basic ways of thinking that follow each other, are intertwined, and that, when used in this way, enable us to make a difference in business life.

5. Creativity, Originality and Entrepreneurship

Any work done without reflecting creativity and originality fails to attract attention. Standing out in business life by putting your signature under different and original touches with the entrepreneurship studies is directly proportional to your creativity. Even the smallest creative touches in business life can make a huge difference for both companies and individuals.

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