12 Phrases You Can Whisper In The Ear To Turn Your Partner On

Don’t forget that you can get your partner excited by not only your body but also your words

1. Shall we try something new?

New places, new fantasies and more… If you and your partner are thinking of sailing to new seas, do you think this sentence will fuel both of you?

2. You know how to satisfy me

The issue of satisfaction is getting to know the person in front of you. You are telling how much your partner values ​​you and how good they make you feel. Two birds with one stone

3. How am I so lucky?

A word that makes the person in front of you both happy and excited… What more can one say when you say how lucky you feel to have him!

4. Don’t stop!

This whispered word seems to have emerged to get even more gassed…

5. I have one more surprise…

Who doesn’t get excited about being surprised! This word that you will whisper in your partner’s ear will cause him to be excited while making him curious.

6. I want you!

Saying what you want can sometimes be more descriptive. No need to cheat! Say this sentence and observe what will happen in the next minutes ?

7. I love this.

It is the key to a night that will end happily, where you make your partner feel your love.

8. I can’t think of tomorrow…

Explaining that your work is not over yet, that there is a continuation of this night, can be included among the sentences that will further fuel your partner, whom you whispered in your ear.

9. What would you like to do?

Asking your partner what he or she wants to do may open the door to opportunities to bring a different and new breath to your partnership.

10. No stopping tonight.

With this aphrodisiac effective word, which will start your night that will not stop, it should not be possible for your partner to not get gassed…

11. More…

You decide what more is according to the flow. After all, nothing is too eye-catching in the minutes you spend together!

12. Now, here.

In addition to showing how much you want him, this sentence doesn’t explain what you want to him very clearly and clearly, but what does he do? The decision is yours!

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