11 Key Differences Between A Smart Parent

Being a parent is hard, but being a smart parent is probably one of the hardest things to accomplish.

1. While the average parent spends all his time with his child and does not leave individual time for him, a smart parent takes time for himself and sets an example for his child.

2. While the average parent deals with the consequences of the problem, the smart parent gets to the root of the problem.

3. The average parent gives their child the answers, while the smart parent helps him find the answers himself.

4. The average parent says the answer is wrong, while the smart parent tells him to double-check the solution.

5. While the average parent gives someone an example, a smart parent encourages their children to be authentic.

6. While the average parent tries to protect their child from all kinds of problems, the smart parent allows him to make mistakes.

7. The average parent says ‘Don’t!’ when a wise parent says, ‘Think about the consequences!’ says.

8. While the average parent tries to be nice, the smart parent prefers to be natural and open.

9. While the average parent thinks he’s a teacher, a smart parent knows there has to be so much more.

10. The average parent tells their child what to do, while the smart parent explains why he should go this route.

11. While the average parent waits for a promise to be kept, the smart parent shows what it means to keep promises by keeping their word.

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