10 Clothes and Accessories That Are Oddly Negatively Affecting Your Health

It has been proven that 73% of women’s waist problems are caused by clothes and accessories. Many objects in your wardrobe may not be as …

It has been proven that 73% of women’s waist problems are caused by clothes and accessories. Many objects in your wardrobe may not be as innocent as they seem, dear reader.

1. Tight pants

Due to the pressure effect, these extremely popular “skinny jeans” pose a great danger to your health. They cause problems in blood circulation, droplets and even slowdown in the digestive system. Furthermore, excessively tight pants can cause pain and numbness in the hips, due to excessive pressure on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

In other words, before buying this type of pants, you should consider the effect on your health as well as making your hips look beautiful.

2. High heels

In a recent study, Auburn University researchers suggested that women are four times more likely to have foot problems than men. Joint pain, calluses, ankle sprain, osteoarthritis, nerve damage and more… If you are experiencing any of these problems, perhaps you need to reconsider your interest in high heels. The higher and thinner the heel, the greater the negative impact on your health.

Try to reduce the time you wear high heels. And try choosing the more comfortable ones. Your feet should feel supported and balanced, especially during long periods of standing and walking.

3. Thongs

If you often wear thongs, you should know that this type of underwear causes vaginal infection, hemorrhoids, irritation and rash in the genital area.

Try not to wear thongs too often, especially in summer. If you want to wear it, it is useful to choose 100% cotton ones.

4. Heavy earrings and necklaces

According to recent research, 20% of earrings cause bacterial infections. In addition, if the procedures are done incorrectly, this process can lead to the spread of the infection and life-threatening risks. Frequent use of large and heavy earrings causes damage to the earlobe, which is likely to result in plastic surgery.

The same is true for necklaces. Heavy necklaces cause neck pain and even contractures that are difficult to treat.

5. Ties

Of course, it’s not just women who suffer from health problems because of clothing. According to a study conducted at Cornell University, 67% of men buy shirts that are smaller than their necks.

As a result of small size shirts and tight-fitting ties, blood circulation decreases, intraocular pressure rises, headaches begin, neck movement is restricted, and muscle tension in the back and shoulders increases.

6. Incorrectly fastened bras

Choosing small or large sizes, especially when buying a bra, causes back, shoulder and spinal pain.

When buying a bra, be sure to try it before you leave the store. If you have large breasts, avoid buying bras with thin straps. If you have small breasts, make sure that the metal underwire will not damage your skin.

7. Flip-flops

Although an indispensable accessory in summer, especially on the beach, flip-flops are not as safe as you might think. These slippers cause your feet to be easily injured.

What’s more, because they’re so flat, they cause your heels to hit the floor harder, causing discomfort and lower back pain.

8. Corsets

Tight corsets cause breathing difficulties, muscle pain and blood circulation problems.

Always choose the corset that fits your size and prefer lycra corsets. Lycra corsets provide a balance of pressure, comfort and support.

9. Oversized bags

Many women fill their bags with essential unnecessary stuff. But carrying that much weight on a single shoulder causes pain in your muscles and damages your joints.

If you can’t give up your favorite XXL bag, at least don’t fill it with items you don’t need. Take only what you need with you.

10. Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts or tube skirts cause the legs to be too close together. Therefore, you are more likely to lose your balance and fall. They restrict all your movements, but worst of all, these skirts cause muscle tension and knee defects.

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